Getting Elixir Using Clash of Clans Cheat

Most gamers are already familiar with the Clash of Clans game. This COC is popular among the young and the elderly. The category of this game is strategy game ranging from how to survive or how to attack. A good formation is needed. It makes the base defense not completely destroyed. Until now, downloading COC is still free in spite of the latest update in 2017. Elixir in the Clash of Clans game is useful for making troops, upgrading buildings, army, and spells. There are three ways to obtain elixir. They are by mining in the village itself, robbing from another village, and buying them using Gems. There is one safe way of Clash of Clans cheat. You may do not know this kind of cheat. It might be somewhat sleazy because it is different from the other normal way. Useful online website !!
To use this Clash of Clans cheat, you must have barracks, Army Camps, and Laboratory. After that, follow these steps. First, upgrade your troops. Upgrade your troops in the laboratory. An example is upgrading Archer. Fill your Army Camp fully. If the upgrade time is almost over, fill your Army Camp with forces fully. You can fill it with troops that you usually use for farming. Fill your barracks fully also. In Barracks, you need to fill it with the troops that you upgrade earlier. Because the Army Camp is full, the Troops in Barracks will not be able to get out. Sell Back your Troops. After the upgrade is complete, then immediately sell Troops in Barracks. After that, you will gain the advantage of Elixir.
For example, you make Archer 50 X 4 Barracks = 200 Archer. It costs 300 elixirs / Archer (remember: it is created before the upgrade is complete). Total Elixir that you use is Elixir X total Archer. It is 300x200=60,000 elixir. After the upgrade is completed, you sell 200 Archers with the price of 400 elixirs / Archer (the Archer prize after the upgrade is 400 elixir). Therefore, you get a profit of 100 Elixir / Archer. The total profit that you earn is 100 X 200 Elixir. It is 20,000 elixirs. If you are using Clash of Clans, cheat to get this Elixir, Remember, Do not donate troops before the upgrade is complete. Do not attack other villages before the upgrade is complete. If you attack, automatically Troops in your Barracks are going out. Ok, that’s all a little cheat that I can share. If you have another way of cheating, you can share it in the comments.